Wisconsin Announces Devastating Announcement About The Recount… This Could Get Nasty

In the last few weeks, Green Party candidate Jill Stein has invested an immense amount of effort calling for vote recounts in the states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin—arguing that they were the victim of voter fraud. Many have dismissed Stein’s efforts as bitterness. After all, she only raked in 1% of the vote herself and it’s clear that Hillary Clinton was her second choice for President.

Perhaps we should have been taking her efforts more seriously. According to new reports, evidence has surfaced showing that the votes in Wisconsin were indeed tampered with.

The source, known only as “Wendy,” claims to be on the ground in St. Croix County in Wisconsin. During the recount of the machines used and all ballots cast by hand, Wendy observed five broken seals on nine voting machines. The seals come with a warning: “removal of seal voids warranty.” The evidence has since been posted on Stein’s official website.

This evidence is difficult to dispute, but it’s hard to know for sure if the machines were tampered with before or after the election. There is no timeline as to when the machines were originally issued, or if they were also used in previous elections.

Election officials in the state have not yet offered a statement on the matter. We do know that some rules were broken, and it’s possible that the democratic process was interrupted.

What do you think? Could this mean trouble for Donald Trump?