Limbaugh EXPOSES Why Obama Says “ISIL” Instead Of “ISIS” – Shocking!

When you hear President Barack Obama speak about deadly attacks, he never says “Islamic terrorist attacks.” However, he repeats the abbreviation “ISIL” often… You probably have asked yourself, why does he call the Islamic State that, instead of “ISIS”? It sounds strange and forced… but as America’s most popular conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh notes, […]


Putin to ask Trump’s permission to bomb Syria: Russian ambassador to London says airstrikes are ‘diplomacy backed by force’

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is expected to contact Donald Trump once he takes over in the White House to get his agreement on bombing targets in Syria. The Russian ambassador to London, Alexander Yakovenko, said Putin had been trying to persuade outgoing President Barack Obama to agree to Russian pilots bombing rebel targets. But relations […]