Trump, Bill Clinton, And Hot Blonde Walk Onto A Train, THEN SUDDENLY… R0FL!!

Donald Trump and Bill Clinton are traveling together in the same train car….

Sitting across from them are an incredibly vivacious blonde woman and an enormous feminist wearing an unfriendly scowl.

As the train enters into a tunnel the car goes dark and a loud “slap” can be heard throughout the car. As the train emerges from the tunnel, the light of day reveals a stunned Bill Clinton sporting a red hand-print on his cheek.

The blonde, a smirk of justice on her face, thinks to herself: “That perv Clinton reached over to cop a feel of me and must have grabbed the lady next to me by mistake. Good for her! She slapped his face.”

The “oversized” feminist, the same smirk of justice on her face, thinks to herself:  “That deviant, womanizing, miserable excuse for a man, Bill Clinton tried to sexually assault that good looking woman and she slapped his face. Good for her. How dare he try to get away with that!”

Bill Clinton, still stunned for getting slapped so hard thought to himself: “That slick SoB Trump! He tried to feel up that pretty little blonde thing over there and she must have thought it was me! She sure is pretty though…”

And Donald Trump, sitting quietly reading his Fortune 500, thought to himself: “Boy, I hope there’s another tunnel on this route so I can slap that idiot Clinton again!”

And that just goes to show you, Slick Willy isn’t necessarily that slick anymore!

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