BLUE LIVES MATTER! Viral Bodycam Video Shows EXACTLY Why Cops Can’t Hesitate

This disturbing video is the exact reason why cops cannot hesitate when it comes to criminals. Sometimes, it has to be shoot first and ask questions later. In this video, captured by a police bodycam, Captain Michael Schulman is shot by a criminal under the arm, breaking two ribs and puncturing his lung, as per Freedom Daily. […]


Trey Gowdy Gets Standing Ovation After Publicly Destroying Obama On House Floor [VIDEO]

President Obama’s approval ratings are lower than ever, and Americans throughout the country are fed up with him acting more like royalty than a leader. While Obama has been on yet another lavish vacation, a video from 18 months ago has gone viral. “We make the law!” Rep. Trey Gowdy said, in the footage capture […]



Many Hollywood celebrities have openly spoken about their faith in Donald Trump, but one comes as a surprise to many. The last celebrity that opened up on the matter is a well-respected actor, director and a true movie star, whose voice is definitely heard in Hollywood. Today, right next to trump stands Robert De Niro, […]


This Is Justice, CNN Is Being Hit With A $50 Million Class Action Lawsuit For Racism

CNN is notorious for calling everyone they disagree with a racist. They like to label conservatives in all sorts of horrible ways, and they often promoted Hillary Clinton who called Trump supporters a ‘basket of deplorables’. Now they are getting a taste of their own medicine in a class action lawsuit against them for racism. […]


Donald Does What Obama Has Failed To Do Four Country All 8 Years… This Is It

Just one day after the Electoral College officially made Donald Trump our nation’s next president, he did something that Obama has failed to do in his two years of president. He took the time to offer his condolences in response to the dual Islamic terror attacks: the execution of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Andrey […]


Michelle Obama Only Has Months Left In The White House And Managed To Get Caught Doing This…

Throughout her husband’s presidency, Michelle Obama has spent millions of our tax dollars fueling her lavish lifestyle. Now, it appears her spending habits are worse than anyone could have imagined. This week, Mad World News reported that classified documents have leaked revealing Michelle may have been illegally funneling money to her mother and daughters. During […]


BREAKING: Trump Shocks Entire Nation With Huge Announcement… Will You Still Stand By Him

Donald Trump has been a man of many surprises ever since he entered the political arena, breaking boundaries that no other President-elect has been able to break before. Now, Trump announced he will once again be straying from tradition by utilizing a private security force when he takes office. According to Mediate, Trump will continue […]


Trey Gowdy’s Speech At Liberty? HOLY MOTHER OF MIC DROPS !

It’s not political, really. It’s just pure awesome. Perhaps you’ve seen it already, but I hadn’t, and am assuming others may not have. In this, Gowdy explains the power of persuasion, talks about the best communicators he knows, and tells the captivating story of a man who put the lives of strangers ahead of himself. […]