Lib Mayor Bill De Blasio Pays Big Time… This Is Justice

Mayor Bill de Blasio has been a disaster in his years as mayor of New York City. His relationship with the biggest city in America has gotten so bad that NYPD officers were turning their backs to him at a funeral. Now, it appears he could be facing criminal indictment. Breitbart reports that two separate […]


Hillary Loses Election And Dignity

We’ve been hearing for weeks now that Electoral College voters might ditch Trump and vote for Hillary. It was never going to happen. It was totally made up by Democrats who still have hurt feelings over the election. Trump did more than just win. It looks more people tried to jump ship from Hillary than […]


Limbaugh EXPOSES Why Obama Says “ISIL” Instead Of “ISIS” – Shocking!

When you hear President Barack Obama speak about deadly attacks, he never says “Islamic terrorist attacks.” However, he repeats the abbreviation “ISIL” often… You probably have asked yourself, why does he call the Islamic State that, instead of “ISIS”? It sounds strange and forced… but as America’s most popular conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh notes, […]