Putin to ask Trump’s permission to bomb Syria: Russian ambassador to London says airstrikes are ‘diplomacy backed by force’

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is expected to contact Donald Trump once he takes over in the White House to get his agreement on bombing targets in Syria. The Russian ambassador to London, Alexander Yakovenko, said Putin had been trying to persuade outgoing President Barack Obama to agree to Russian pilots bombing rebel targets. But relations […]


WATCH – AMAZING Trump Christmas Song: “It’s The Most Wonderful Time in 8 Years”

As the holidays are nearing, Donald Trump and his supporters are preparing to once again face off against Hillary Clinton and liberals galore. This video shows, during a wonderful Christmas theme, Trump doing away with much of the Democrats’ mistakes, especially Obama’s.  They play the song made popular by Andy Williams in the 60’s. It also shows […]


Chelsea Clinton Runs Filthy Mouth At Trump… Immediately Regrets It

Going into the presidential election, Chelsea Clinton made it very clear that she did not consider Donald Trump to be a serious threat to her mother’s campaign. Clearly, her family has not accepted the fact that Trump is now our nation’s president-elect. During a segment on Chelsea Handler’s show, Handler asked Chelsea, “How does it […]


Homeland Security Chief Just Slammed Obama And Hillary For Pushing Conspiracy Theories!

They know they are lying, we know they are lying, the world knows they are lying!But they keep pushing the narrative that the elections result were tainted by the Russians hacking. If all that was reveal was the e mails that Podesta & others in the DNC were exchanging with each other & that showed […]


Breaking: Obama’s Done, Sheriff Joe Reveals 9 Undeniable Forgery Points On His “Birth Certificate”

President Barack Hussein Obama would like to go quietly into the night and finish his second term in the White House without the truth finally being outed about him being foreign-born and therefore not legally allowed to be President in the first place. There’s nothing Obama would like more than for the whole “birther” controversy […]


Obama Has Refused to Deport 820,000 Illegal Immigrants Guilty of Murder, Rape, Drug Offenses, and Other Crimes€

A new report estimates that there are up to 820,000 illegal aliens in the U.S. who have escaped deportation under Obama’s regime despite that many of them have been convicted of serious crimes including murder, rape, drug offenses, and other crimes. While some estimates say there are up to 2 million criminal illegal aliens in […]


Watch: Atheists Challenge Ben Carson, His Answer Will Blow Your Mind [VIDEO]

Dr. Ben Carson was always loud about his faith, and some tried to call this a huge contradiction. But, his faith helped him to handle an atheist who tried to play games with the subject. This is how Carson defended his faith: “You know what, you won,” Ben spoke to the atheist. “I believe I came […]


WHOA: Putin Goes on LIVE TV and Explains How Obama and Hillary CREATED ISIS!

We all knew this was the case. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton created ISIS. Russian President Vladimir Putin has now confirmed it! WOW! As the 14th Dalai Lama bids farewell to Moscow, he urged U.S. administration to alter its disastrous foreign policies vis-à-vis Syrian 5-year rebellion which reached a deadly impasse. The Tibetan Buddhist spiritual […]


JUST IN: Liberal Mayor Bill De Blasio To Face Criminal Charges

Bill de Blasio has no business running a lemonade stand. But, the voters of New York City thought it would be fun to make him mayor of America’s biggest city. It’s been a disaster. Remember how he botched his relationship with the NYPD to the point where officers were turning their backs to him at […]


Homeland Security Chief Just Slammed Obama And Hillary For Pushing Conspiracy Theories

Obama and Hillary have been looking at excuse after excuse since this election ended to blame anyone but themselves. The latest fake news that they are peddling is that Russia interfered in the election, and they claim that the FBI and the CIA agree with them. The head of Homeland Security disagrees. Jeh Johnson, Homeland […]