Obama Tells People “Happy Holidays,” Trump Goes to Rally and Belts Out Huge “Merry Christmas”

Last Friday, President Barack Obama and his family sent their final White House “Christmas” card to friends, supporters and members of the media, and not shockingly, the card contained zero references to Christmas itself. Instead it featured a “Happy Holidays” message, according to the New York Post. “Happy holidays,” the card read. “As our family […]


SHOCK: Man Gets Obama’s Birth Certificate Off WhiteHouse.gov… Instantly Proves It’s FAKE

They’ve been lying this entire time. Eight. Entire. Years. President Obama’s birth certificate, which is right on the White House website, is a complete and total forgery — and thanks to the sharp eye of one Photoshop editor, he spotted something unusual. Upon digging deeper, his mind was blown when he discovered there were multiple layers in that certificate, each […]