Wikileaks just released this email which proves that the Saudi’s were the ones that ordered Hilary to leave the men behind to die in Benghazi. Just in case you have been living under a rock for the last few years, not only did Hillary ‘lose’ $1,5000,000,000 that was sent to Libya, she also got 4 servicemen […]


Nancy Pelosi Calls Ben Carson ‘Disturbingly Unqualified’

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi is calling the decision to tap Ben Carson as head of Housing and Urban Development a “disconcerting and disturbingly unqualified choice.” Pelosi says the country deserves someone with “relevant experience” to protect the rights of homeowners and renters. In her statement released Monday, she says “there is no evidence that […]


THEY DID IT: Obama administration finally ADMITS the biggest mistake of his presidency

There’s an old adage that says “even a broken clock is right twice a day.” And another one that says “better late than never.” We can go back and look at one critical and foolish decision made by Barack Obama that resulted in complete chaos in the Middle East. It was his intransigent decision to […]


Tim Allen Has a Message for College Liberals and It’s NOT PC!

If there’s anywhere that’s a complete hive of liberal insanity, it’s on the American college campus. It’s where the most fringe elements of liberal culture are dominant. Safe spaces, trigger warnings, and all the other usual craziness. The latest stunt we’re seeing on hundreds of campuses nationwide are students pressuring their schools to become “sanctuary […]


WATCH – Thug Shoots & Kills Police Officer While Using Kids As Human Shields, He’s SCUM!

Two of the most disgusting acts someone can do were committed by Bruce Johnson on Wednesday. This truly vile man opened fire on a police officer while using children as human shields. Tacoma Police Department’s statement, announcing that their heroic officer succumbed to his wounds at a hospital, is below. It is truly heart-breaking.  An […]


New Video: Jill Stein is a COMPLETE IDIOT is Going VIRAL! SHARE IF YOU AGREE!

Jill Stein has initiated a recount of the votes in THESE key states, and it’s NOT about ‘electoral integrity’. This viral video destroys that:     It’s not about ‘integrity’, if it were, she’d look into the states Hillary won by smaller margins. She also wouldn’t be praising a brutal dictator that imprisoned and executed […]


Wisconsin Announces Devastating Announcement About The Recount… This Could Get Nasty

In the last few weeks, Green Party candidate Jill Stein has invested an immense amount of effort calling for vote recounts in the states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin—arguing that they were the victim of voter fraud. Many have dismissed Stein’s efforts as bitterness. After all, she only raked in 1% of the vote herself […]


Ex-Bernie Sanders Spokeswoman Tells CNN Her Plan To Kick Whites Out Of Democratic Party

On CNN’s Newsroom, Political commentator, and former press secretary for Bernie Sanders, Symone Sanders (no relation), has a strong message for Democratic white people. The message is sick but as they continue to isolate people from their party and become wackier and more extreme, the Democratic Party will collapse and the Republican party will continue […]


Black Lives Matter Protesters Get Instant Justice After Blocking Traffic On The Highway

the last term of Barack Obama’s presidency, we’ve seen many protests turn violent. So far, our President has had very little to say about the looting of businesses and the blocking of traffic on highways. A prime group known for abusing the right to protest is the Black Lives Matter movement, who claim be fighting […]


BREAKING: Obama Tries To Sneak $4 BILLION To Illegals Before Trump Takes Over…

Outgoing President Obama has just requested $4 billion for Health and Human Services Department programs that will provide health, welfare and social services for illegal immigrants. Last year alone, more than 408,000 immigrants and refugees crossed illegally into the U.S., and this year, the number of minors who have crossed the borders illegally without parents […]